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Brief History of Sharad Shakari bank

Sharad Shakari Bank Ltd., Manchar was established in April, 1974 by the visionary Late Shri. Dattatrya Govindrao Walase Patil. During the severe drought condition in the western region of Maharashtra during 1972, the agriculture community suffered the worst blow. Taking this as challenge the architect of Ambegaon Taluka late Shri. Dattatrya Govindrao Walase Patil, alongwith his close associates come together to form a Co-Operative to help out the farmers and down troden community, which were exploited at the hands of the money lenders.

It was a courageous to move to from a Co-Operative Bank under the given circumstances. After doing initial spade work, the group of 22 people from all walks of life come together on 13.11.1972 and they got permission to open account in the name of Chief Promoter.

Due to drought conditions there were lot of difficulties in collecting the Share Capital money. Hence Dada as he was popularity knows and his team swung into action to take the challange Their efforts were fruitful in collecting share capital worth Rs. 1 Lakh during the months of March/ April 1974.

Finaly the Bank was registered as Co-Operative Society on 25/04//1974. The first AGM was held on 25th April, 1974 and obviously Late Shri. Dattatrya Govindrao Walase Patil alis Dada was elected as Chairman of the Bank, alongwith Shri. S.K. Bende as Vice Chairman. The collective efforts by the team lead by Late Shri. Dattatrya Govindrao Walase Patil was instrumental in obtaining Banking License from RBI in the year Dec.1976 with 2 years of formation. After the sudden and sad demise of our believed founder (late) Shri. Dattatrya Govindrao Walase Patil the reins were taken over by dynamic leader Hon.Shri. Dilip Dattatrya Walase Patil,MLA and Speakar of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and under his leadership Bank has made tremendous progress during the last decade.