Saving Account

Savings Account at Sharad Sahakari Bank comes with banquette of facilities & services at no extra charge to the Customers. Eligible persons can open Savings Account with the Bank. Savings Account can be opened with Rs.300/-. Amount can be withdrawn from Savings Account by way of ATM or withdrawal slips. Interest is paid half yearly on Savings Account at 3% platoon daily products as per the directives fixed by Reserve Bank of India.


Savings Account can be opened in the name of Individuals Singly or Jointly or by minors of the age 10 years or above or under natural / legal Guardianship or by an illiterate or blind person.

Documents Requirments

Duly filled in Account Opening Form with valid residential proof, PAN Number, 1 photograph and introduction by existing account holder of the Bank.

Facilities Offered

- Any Branch Banking Facility through out all Branches of the Bank for operations in Savings / Term Deposit Accounts.
- ATM Card (Rupay Debit)
- SMS Alerts Facility
- Mobile Banking
- Cheque Book
- Rate of Interest 3%